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On your best day, no detail should be left out.
For the dress of your dreams, choose yours carefully


| Preparation
The moment of preparation of the bride is a fundamental moment, on which photographers dwell a lot.
While the others take care of your make-up , and your hairstyle , you will have to be comfortable, but in perfect order, and if possible of course with a touch of elegance .
The most suitable outfit is definitely a kimono in pure Italian silk , where underneath you could wear a comfortable lingerie while waiting for the perfect one combined with the dress.

Definitely easy to put on and take off, without affecting the hairstyle, is our absolute advice.

| Under the dress
Don't give up on the comfortable feeling of feeling free and beautiful , even under the wedding dress.
Our lines, rigorously executed with detail and attention, are made in different cuts for each type of wedding dress.

Push up or underwire ? Shoulder pad or headband? Culotte or thong?

Choose your perfect underwear for your unforgettable day .

Our soft and enveloping bodysuits are always perfect for any occasion.

Especially under the dress of your most beautiful day, the highest quality fabrics shape and support, giving you an extreme feeling of freedom of movement, drawing your silhouette , which will be perfect.

Choose the right cut, fabric and shape that best suits your dress.

| The first night
This is also a magical moment not to be forgotten.
Think about how you would like your partner to see you, the most suitable outfit is the one you feel best on.
A pearl gray silk outfit to feel romantic ,

or a sexy black brogues ?

There are no rules here. Be yourself.

For the bridal look, nothing should be overlooked.
Every detail has its importance to make you perfect.
On your best day, you need to be flawless at all times.